Damp Proofing Explained

Damp is one of the most common problems in a home. It’s also dependant on the area you live. Certain towns have a lot of underground water; only some areas have a problem with damp. You cannot ignore damp it affects your personal health and most definitely the well being of your home.

It is important to first establish the type of damp you have:

  • Condensation
  • Rising damp
  • Penetrating damp

Each of the above requires different handling. Once your damp has been efficiently sorted you should never have to experience it again.

Damp proofing process.
The process of damp proofing or damp treatment is to prevent moisture decay within your home, or any building. Completed properly, it is the only long term solution. Once dry or wet rot, rising damp sets in it creates enormous problems. It should be standard practise that buildings are constructed with damp course. However, damp course does not last forever. When seeing the first signs of damp one should seek advice as soon as possible.

Health effects.
Damp in the home could have health effects from the minor to the extreme. Mould adores damp areas; airborne spores from mould can cause symptoms of respiratory illness, nasty coughs, eye infections, asthma, headaches and tiredness among others. Mould visibly appears on damp walls and floors, black or green generally in colour. Until the damp problem is taken care of it will return. Great caution is advised when cleaning up.

One should be especially mindful of children and the elderly in a house. Vigilance is advised for those in old houses that may have asbestos foundations.

Finding a damp proofing company.
If you have any concerns a qualified specialist will survey your building for a minimal charge or freely. Damp proofing normally comes with about a 20 year guarantee, it can be quite costly, but rest assured your building will have damp protection no matter the type of weather. When choosing a damp proofing company, find one that offers a range of services, not specialized in a particular area. Get recommendations first.

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