Commonly Used Damp Proofing Products

There are many types of damp proofing products to use with the Advantage ICF system. Commonly used is the water based spray to the assorted types of wraps. Our recommendation is the dimpled membrane sort as it provides damp proofing, drainage together with protection from the back fill situation. Following are the disadvantages and advantages for 4 most common products.

Standard spray on.

Application of a mineral colloid emulsifier may be done to the face of the Advantage ICF system. It’s essential to manufacturer’s instructions. Bearing in mind liquid coatings will NOT bridge the gaps between insulation panels. Vertical EPS (expanded polystyrene) joints must be filled prior to application once butted together. Important – choice products must be compatible when used with EPS insulations.

NB: Application of highly solvent extended asphalt emulsions is not recommended as they are not compatible on the EPS insulation.

Roll on

The manufacturer’s presentation of this product varies in that it can either be rolled or sprayed on. Presentation is in buckets. Advantage of the roll on membrane is that as a liquid it is easily applied and fills gaps.

NB: Certain roll on types cannot be used in cold weather. Check manufacturer’s instructions.

Peal and stick membrane

This membrane is thought of as waterproofing. Certain manufacturer’s of this type of membrane advice it may be used with EPS insulation. To ensure good adhesion follow instructions carefully, including the application of a primer coat where needed for Advantage ICF system exterior face. To achieve a superb waterproofing and drainage plane damp proofing specialists use combinations of this method as well as the dimpled membrane.

NB: Adhere to weather related usage.

Dimpled Membrane

The CCMC of Canada evaluated certain types of dimpled sheet membranes such as the Superseal Dimpled Membrane for use as damp proofing material. For use as  on the Advantage ICF system – follow manufacturer’s instructions. An advantage of this product is that it is stronger and thicker and protects both the EPS foam and creates drainage plain between the soil and wall.

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