Choosing The Perfect Tub To Complete Your Bathroom

A bath tub is still considered by many to be the cornerstone of any bathroom and while there is a popular move away from bath tubs to shower only bathrooms many people that are lucky enough to have two bathrooms in their homes are now opting to have one of their bathrooms dedicated to a bath while the second bathroom features a shower, the best of both worlds as it were. This also ensures that your property value stays as high as possible. Potential home buyers will often overlook a property that does not feature at least one bath tub.

The traditional bath tub is still very popular for many reasons from simply relaxing after a long day to medical and medicinal reasons such as muscle relaxing and the alleviation of inflammation. A shower may be more practical and economical but a bath tub has been shown to still be traditionally popular. There are a number of different choices in bath tub design including freestanding bath tubs, fitted or alcove style bath tubs and corner style bath tubs. A primary consideration when choosing a bath tub design is available floor space and overall aesthetic considerations as well.

The most common of all bath tub installation designs are the alcove or fitted bath tub, this is generally true in the majority of homes or apartments, and an alcove style design is one that is walled on three sides. Free standing bath tubs are becoming very trendy at the moment and are really the original bath tub design that was very popular a few centuries ago in the Victorian era, the look of a free standing bath tub is now becoming very desirable. Most hotels are now fitted with free standing bath tubs as they do look the most elegant especially the old traditional claw foot tubs.

The medicinal or therapeutic aspects of a bath tub can be further enhanced by the installation of whirlpool bath tubs that use jets of water and bubbles to massage and relax muscles and inflamed joints. These bath tubs are very similar to the type used in professional hydro therapy and are excellent for muscle fatigue and arthritis among other physical ailments.

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