Choosing The Perfect Stone For Paving

People have been using paving stones for many centuries. They were a common feature of construction in Ancient Rome. Paving stones have stood the test of time as a building material of choice as they are still popular today. Paving stones, or paving bricks as they are otherwise known, can be made from concrete as well as natural stone. Generally, paving bricks are set in sand and water can percolate downwards because the joints are filled with sand. The biggest difference between paving stones and concrete paving is that stone paving is not a solid surface; multiple stones are laid by interlocking them into place. Concrete paving is a solid surface made up of layers of strengthening material. Examples of the types of stone used in paving are Cantera Stone, limestone, sandstone, slate and bluestone.  

Limestone primarily consists of calcium carbonate and it is a quarried stone. A quarried stone is a product of sedimentary rock. It is commonly used in building and landscaping ideas. Limestone can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects.


This is a natural stone made up of quartz and sand. Bluestone is also known as blue-grey sandstone. Bluestone is a popular choice for driveways, patios and walkways. In the building industry, bluestone is used for cladding and veneering.


Slate is perfect for tiling because it is thin and easy to handle. Slate is a type of metasedimentary rock that is preferred for roofing and paving projects.
Granite is one of the most popular stones used for paving, landscaping and commercial endeavors. Granite has not escaped technological advances. The latest developments in granite production make it possible for private individuals to access granite for domestic projects. Granite is very strong and durable.


This is a man-made paving stone that is produced in high volumes and this makes concrete a very affordable paving option. It is manufactured in many different colors so people can choose any color they like. For individual style, concrete can be stenciled or stamped.

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