Built In Cupboards

Built in cupboards are no longer limited to the bedroom.  It is now available in the bathroom and kitchen and just about anywhere else you would like them.  They can be custom built to your requirements and fitted to the space specifications or you’ll find them ready made at most of the building material outlets.

The question remains: will you be attempting to do it yourself or will you get a professional to install your newly bought built in cupboards.  Luckily they have made it pretty easy for the DIY enthusiast as the readymade built in cupboards is very much like paint by numbers, provided your space fits the specifications of the built in cupboard.  

Many aspects need to be considered when you install your own built in cupboard, of which the material and colour and cost is but a few to mention.  

Suffice it to say that the built in cupboard is an excellent way to make space in a room and utilize the room to its fullest potential.

With many built in cupboard manufacturers the norm is to build the cupboards by components, for lack of a better word.  This ensures that should a certain part be damaged, only that part needs replacement and not the unit as a whole, which is quite a nice feature.

Depending on the part of the house, built in cupboards is often made from melamine or veneered board or also timber. So the choice is unlimited and you are able to style your room the way you want it.

If you doubt that the DIY route is going to be fruitful, you can choose from a range of shop fitters and carpenters alike, to fit you built in cupboard professionally.  Of course with everything that is done by a professional, the cost rises significantly, so do keep in mind that your budget will be a slight bit higher.  Perhaps the fact that your budget is higher is not such a bad thing, if you consider the medical aid bill if you fall of the step ladder whilst trying to fit that last lost screw.

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