Built In Braais For The Indoors And Outdoors

 The built-in braai is much appreciated in South Africa where the braai is a favorite for all occasion. In fact, South Africans don’t need an occasion to braai. The braai is also enjoyed in many other countries and is called a barbeque in the United States. The braai is indeed a healthy cooking method, because excess fat is not retained in the food, it is drained out by the heat. A juicy steak, tender fish fillet or chicken that has spent a few minutes on the grill served with fresh fruit and vegetable salads is meal loved by health fanatics everywhere.  

Built-in braais are an interesting and stylish variation of the normal portable braai stands. They are perfect for people that have a secluded entertainment area and have no intention of using the braai anywhere but that specific area. Built-in braais are permanently and securely mounted. Homeowners have a choice between indoor as well as outdoor built-in braais. Indoor built-in braai units are usually environmentally friendly and use harmless heat sources. The less popular indoor built-in braai units are those that are electrically powered. Those braai units convert electrical energy into heat and they are very expensive to maintain.  Some built-in braais double as a fireplace.  

Outdoor built-in braais are favored by owners of establishments such as bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and others in the accommodation and entertainment industry. These installed braai units are convenient and managers at these businesses can ensure safety for guests by keeping the braai secluded and minimizing the risk of fire damage to the establishment.

 Accessories for a built-in braai are not always included in the purchase price for the unit and people must remember to buy those separately. They include an ember tray, ember maker, pot hook and poker. Built-in braai accessories have to be kept clean as they come into contact with food. They must also be kept out reach of young children. Built-in braais are recommended for people that love to entertain, be it indoors or outdoors.

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