Brighten Things UP With Wonderful Paint

Paint is used to add color to surfaces as well as protect them. It is the simplest way to get valuable and treasured assets looking like new. Bright colors are inviting and attractive. Bold paint adds an air of elegance and maturity. There is a paint color to suit every mood and individual preference. A layer of paint may just be all the renovating you need to do to improve the appearance of the home. Your car could look like it just came from the assembly line after a well-executed paint job. The same goes for any other item that has a surface suitable for painting.  
A most interesting discovery was made in South Africa recently. Archeologists found a mixture of ochre and oils that may have been used as paint more than 100 000 years ago. Paintings in caves were most likely made by early humans about 40 000 years ago. A combination of ochre, hematite, charcoal and other elements was used in the paint. Paint has been a part of human life for many years indeed.
Pigments are solids that give the paint its color. They are responsible for the texture and special properties of different paints. Pigments are also useful in reducing the price of paint. Dye is used as an alternative to pigments in some paints. There are synthetic and natural types of pigments. Examples of natural pigments include clay, silicas, talcs and calcium carbonate. Engineered molecules, calcined clays and blanc fixe are types of synthetic pigments.  
Certain paints are recommended for indoor use whereas thicker and more durable paint is best used in the exterior of the home. Paint manufacturers have been instrumental in the production of weather-resistant paint that is easy to clean and lasts for a long time. Paint for cars is also modified for extended exposure to extreme weather conditions.  
Paint is such an important material that entire franchises are dedicated to paint sales, DIY paint projects, additional and necessary tools and supplies for painting jobs of any specification or size.

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