Balau And Wooden Decks In Cape Town

Wooden decks are an exciting way to spruce up the home, places of entertainment, offices and many other places. Most of the time, contractors will use wood that is available in abundance in the region where they will be working. So, generally, they will use different species of wood for projects in different regions. In Cape Town and the vast surrounding area however, yellow balau and red balau are the two most common types of wood use to complete many renovations projects but they are originally from Indonesia. Below is a detailed list of information about the two species.

Yellow Balau

  • Yellow balau is readily available in Western Cape and is a popular choice with many homeowners because it is affordable. Its low price can also be attributed to the fact that it does not perform very well in dry, interior regions like Western Cape.
  • To help yellow balau retain its attractive colour, it must be re-coated with an oil finish at least every two years. It must also be treated with a ultra-violet inhibitor.
  • Yellow balau is a lower grade of hardwood that warps easily.
  • The length of the average yellow balau plank is only 3 meters long.

Red Balau

  • Red balau is the highest grade in its species and it has a much longer lifespan.
  • It is a stable and more durable wood because it is dried to perfection in an oven so that excessive moisture is effectively removed.
  • Red balau is not vulnerable to damage by worms and discolouration.
  • This wood is available in planks as long as 6 meters and is originally from forests in Indonesia.
  • Red balau is absolutely amazing because it is two times harder than mahogany and is so strong that it resists splintering and shrinking.

As it appears, in Cape Town, red balau is the wood of choice over yellow balau. Its reddish brown colour adds to its allure and makes it a good addition to any home décor idea. Installing a wooden deck can be very expensive but it is a worthwhile investment because professionally decks increase the property’s worth.

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