All About Flooring

Everyone knows what wood flooring is and what it looks like. Here are a couple of things that you may not know; wood flooring is mainly made of recycled wood such as; old barn wood and wooden houses. This makes wood flooring environmentally friendly. Wood flooring is also a great choice for those individuals that suffer from allergies, provided that the wood flooring is installed correctly. There are mainly different three types of wood flooring that an individual can choose from such as solid wood flooring, engineered wood floors and exotic wood species.

There are only very small differences between these types of wood flooring and they are as follows; solid wood flooring is flooring that is cut from the same piece of wood in the form of planks. This type of wood flooring was originally used as a structural part of a building; however this type of wood flooring is used nowadays for the look. This type of wood flooring is extremely expensive when compared to other type of wood flooring. The engineered wood flooring is the most globally used type of flooring and this is mainly due to its durability and price. Engineered flooring is made of different layers and this is what gives it its durability. Each layer is perpendicularly pressed together. The outer most layer is called the lamella and is the layer that is seen once the flooring has been installed.

Wood flooring can be quite tricky with installation and that is why it is always advisable to have the wood flooring installed by professionals. If you are planning on having wood flooring installed there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of; wood flooring is not scratch resistant and if you have pets or small children it is not advisable to install this type of flooring. Wood flooring can lose it shine after some time, but you can fully restore it. Cleaning spills and dust from wood flooring is very easy and there are no stains or odours as id is the case with carpeting.

It is essential that you never clean your wood flooring with anything but water and suitable wood floor polish. Using chemicals on a hard wood floor can damage it. Wood flooring from Matfloors is a high class type of flooring and is extremely expensive. However if you look after the wood flooring you will be satisfied for years to come.


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