A Man Made Stone

Being a man made stone it consists of 95% crushed quarts (a common mineral in the earth’s crust) and a mixture of polymer resin and colouring make up the other 5%. Caesar stone is stronger than granite making it perfect for any surface that is in constant use, some Caesar Stone’s other characteristics are:

Stain resistant

Caesar Stone is resistant to most stain causing agents such as red wine, coffee, juice and spices such as curries, turmeric and paprika, should a spill occur all you will need is warm soapy water. For a dried in spill use a non-abrasive cleaner along with a no-scratch sponge as this will not dull the surface.  There are however a number of harsh chemicals to avoid using at all times as they will cause permanent damage to your Caesar Stone surface , avoid products that contain Methylene Chloride or Trichlorethane and aggressive cleaning products  like oven cleaners, should accidental contact occur with any of these agents, rinse the surface with clean water immediately.

Heat resistant

Caesar Stone is reasonably tolerant to heat more so than other stone surfaces, it can however be damaged by hot items such as pots and pans being placed directly onto the surface.
Scratch Resistant

Caesar Stone surfaces are scratch resistant, but using sharp objects directly onto the surface should be avoided.


Caesar Stone hard surface will never require sealing, and for everyday cleaning all you will need is warm soapy water or if you prefer a mild detergent may be used.

To simply say Caesar Stone comes in a variety of colour’s will be an insult, a more accurate description is to say that Caesar Stone comes in 32 amazing colour designs and these are as follows:

• Coffee bean
• Cinder
• Brick 
• Charcoal
• Champagne limestone
• Blue ridge
• Bedrock
• Baja
• Apple martini
• Forest green
• Amazon green
• Absolute  noir
• Nougat
• Espresso
• Desert limestone
• Dakota bluffs
• Mulberry mist
• Mocha
• Misty carera
• Logos blue
• Iceberg
• Sierra
• Savannah
• Salmon
• Sandalwood
• Ruby reflection
• Rosemary
• Raven
• Jerusalem sand
• Gold abyss
• Crème limestone
• Concrete
• Copper canyon
• Copper abyss
• Whites sand
• White ash
• Verde 
• Tequila Sunrise
• Quarts reflection
• Peppercorn
• Pebble
• Pacific reflection
• Oyster

Also note that the price of Caesar stone is not set, it is in fact determined by the availability quality and the supplier, taking into account Caesar Stones versatility it is easy to see why it is so popular and the wide variety of designs and colour’s makes it ideal for use in any renovation design you choose.

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