A Breakdown Of Wooden Deck Prices

There are many factors that influence the price of the materials that are used in the installation of decks. Some suppliers have a larger profit margin than others which often jeopardises the homeowner’s budget. The most important thing is that homeowners must not compromise the success of the project by investing in cheap, flimsy materials that have a short lifespan. Below, is an exploration of the different factors that influence the price of wooden decks.  

Types of wood
In Cape Town, Burmese teak and different species of balau and many other types of hardwoods and softwoods are available on the wide spread of options available to the homeowner. Red balau is probably the best wood for the Cape Town home because unlike other balau species, it performs very well in the harsh and dry Western Cape climate. Red balau is great value for money because it is strong and durable yet, its abundance means it is always selling at a good price. Other traditional wood includes oak and elms but those can be very pricey.  

Hardwoods and softwoods
Hardwoods are, for obvious reasons, much more expensive than softwoods. They are much tougher and denser than softwoods so they are best suited for the deck because hardwoods absorb pressure and do not wear easily with heavy foot traffic.

Standard decks vs. clip decks
Superior quality nylon clips are employed by contractors when installing clip decks. This is a revolutionary, new way to effectively install secure and sturdy decks. Clip decks are 70 per cent quicker to install and this is also attributed to their clip technology. They require fewer screws because the clips grab and hold large areas of the deck surface in place. Clip decks last much longer than their standard counterparts.

The contractor
It does cost a little bit more to consult with and acquire the services of a reputable contractor who has extensive experience with similar projects. Such a contractor is familiar with the industry and will expose the homeowner to interesting styles and design. A recognised contractor will recommend products value for money and do not require much effort in the way of maintenance.

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