6 Amazing And Weird Carpets







Floors can be fun. We are used to basic and boring flooring products – like brown and tan carpets (that always get damaged by either an animal, a child or a burning cigarette) or like white tiles that are cold, uncomfortable, expensive and irritatingly difficult to clean. Many home owners do not realise just how much of an impact their flooring will have on the overall look of the space. Poor flooring choices can leave a home feeling cluttered, unkempt, uncomfortable and dated.

However, I have come across some awesome flooring solutions. I have been to a club where the floor looked like glass covering the ocean, I have been to a friends family home by the sea only to be surprised by the most magnificent richly wooden matt floors that made me feel as if I was roaming through a forest. The right flooring solution can take your home or office from drab to fabulous! Unique floors are also great conversation starters when entertaining. Great floors will tell your guests that you have great taste and pay close attention to the details.

So kids, it’s time to get rid of granny’s old green carpets that only have their place in the 1960’s and embrace the new age of beautiful, effective and fun flooring. The best flooring solution for you would complement the overall design of the space while being affordable, durable and low maintenance.

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