Chronicles of a dreadful blind date

He picked me up at 7:00pm. I wanted to go in my own car as I had heard that this guy was quite the ‘jock.’ I use that word because the other words I would like to use are highly inappropriate. My friends convinced me that this was all hear say, he was actually quite a cool guy. So I went for it and I surrendered to the powers that be and let him fetch me from my home, my control was gone. I was stuck.

I heard his car rev up to my driveway. Strike 1. The man was showing off his expensive BMW, thinking that it would impress me. It did not. The cherry on top was the music pumping out of his car – electro. Electro for a first date? How unappealing? Leave the radio on! He never got out of his car when I walked out, he watched me stroll to his car, open his door and take to his passenger seat. All the while staring at my chest. I was not wearing a revealing top. Creep. I got in the car and we exchanged pleasantries as he soared off to the restaurant.

We arrived at a bar. No restaurant, just blaring music, pool tables and drunk students. Yay! So fun. He bought a round of tequila and I downed it with the appetite of an alcoholic. Maybe it would ease my frustration? It did not. He kept trying to pummel me with alcohol while I kept declining. Then he ran into his ‘mates.’ That was it. The night was all about getting smashed and was about him showing me off. So what did I do? I snuck off to the bathroom, called my best friend and asked her to fetch me. I waited in the bathroom until she arrived, while my date was drunk out of his mind and sneakily walked out the bar. It was home time.

The best part? By the end of the night he didn’t realise I had left! He woke up, texted me that he had a great night and would like to see me again. I never responded, deleted him off Facebook and carried on doubting my friends opinion on men.

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